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:-o Well, I’ve got an History Master. I speak english when I gone in Scotland every 35 years and my minister wants me to teach english. Ok ! No problemo ! A very special person told me I can do it. He said it’s more easy for me because I don’t maitrise. Ok !
But, if speaking english is putting word one by one, OK, I maitrise. I talk a very good english. Unfortunetely it is not the true. And in 3 or 4 years, when I’ll watching TV, I’ll listening that Primary School have to stop the carnage.

So I’m going to continue my improvment with my great teacher Tab. But I’m not sure he teaches me the Shakespeare language.
I think I have to return in an english spoken country before my 70 to limited the casse. And I think that « Dick, Suck, Ass » is not to say « Bonjour ».
If you have good idea to help me for progress, I TAKE !
Have a nice day !

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What a good Iiingliiiish you write !

By the way, if you want to improve your level in the Shakespear language, just try !


… perhaps Tab give you good tips too : when you’ve said that, you don’t need to say ‘Hello’, you are already in, or other are… :siffle:

Excellent!! Un bon fou rire dès le matin ça fait du bien :-) Thanks a lot and have nice day ;-)

Right, er… since now, I will only speak to you in english, so you’ll be obliged to improve yourself if you wanna understand all the fucking bullshit I can say. I’ll even translate Carlos’ lyrics [as much as I can, of course, I'm afraid there is no translation for the word "Tirelipimpon", what a pity]

Dick Suck Ass aussi !

bin moi … c’est l’espagnol … va falloir que je m’y mette … Il parait que Agoua In Coubitos ca veut pas dire glacon … ;-(

Sinon pour l’anglais … Wait (the postman) & see … :siffle:

Glacon Siiiiiiiiiii Just try , il y a une section Espagnol… en plus c’est une jolie interface en flash et tout LOL

Enfin un post en anglais que je comprends !!

MERCI :siffle:

Ma dai, lascia stare l’inglese e parla italiano! Vogliono della diversità? Lo puoi fare? Fallo! Ci credo io per te! Forza Marion! E va fancullo l’uomo non serio! ;-)

oh c’è qualcuno chi parla italiano qui !! :mdr:

Lolly sur Babbel apprend l’espagnol , ameliore son allemand et son anglais , perfectionne son italien !! j’adore :-D

Dick Suck Ass,

Your english is quite good…just go on !



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